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How does BioFeedback work?


Biofeedback utilizes electro-dermal sensors to measure Galvanic Skin Resistance (GSR), also referred to as Electro-Dermal Response (EDR). GSR measuresmild electrical impulses on the surface of our skin, which change due to moisture. The moisture of the skin changes according to the body’s degree of stress and/or relaxation. In the QUEST9 we have increase the output frequency of the device to make it more effective. We have also included dedicated EEG circuit and dedicated ECG chip, so we can get more detailed picture.

These technologies are able to capture the bodies’ analogue electrical signals and translate those signals into meaningful information through complex algorithmic software that a technician can then decipher.
Mandelay Quest9

The Mandelay Quest 9 system is a successful piece of the discoveries of natural sciences. Why? The Mandelay Quest 9 provides an accurate and precise picture of our overall health and every training executed by it is personalized and unique – all this is backed up by thousands of satisfied clients around the world.

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SCIO Device

Innovation, development and renewal – these are almost expectations in the field of traditional medicine. The solutions of the complementary medicine are not at all lagging behind them; they produce better and better results on innovation level. The EDUCTOR system is the more developed version of the SCIO; it is able to detect and resolve in a unique way the stress factors and blockages of the body.

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All the living creatures, as well as the inanimate objects, exist in the natural environment and keep emitting specific energetic vibrations. This means that the energy keeps being created around us regardless of our will to admit it. It keeps being created, absorbed, emitted, reflected and interfered through different modes of energetic vibrations.

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Orgone Cannon
Harness set(Quest9,Eductor)
Orgone Massage


Pozitron Plus Mobile (1m)
Pozitron Plus Set


Pozitron Plus Office (5m)



Horse Blanket

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