Quantum Biofeedback

The Genius Insight Biofeedback system is an empowering tool that bridges natural health and energy medicine.

It accesses your unique vibrational frequency signature in the quantum field and identifies energetic blockages of stagnation, compression, and inflammation in your energy flow in a wide range of specific areas.

The Genius Insight Biofeedback system is a discovery process that can reveal possible root causes of many different issues. Instead of guessing about decisions for supplements, health modalities, or diet strategies, you can see exactly what is happening in your energy field, and make decisions that are in resonance and will have the most impact.

In addition to the valuable information the Quantum Biofeedback provides, it  then “feeds back”  to your energy  field energetic frequencies  to harmonize, reduce  reactivity  and stress,  and restore  optimal energy flow.  In doing so,  you support your body’s  ability to self  heal.

Quantum Biofeedback analyzes 28 panels in 3 categories – Body, Mind and Bio-field:


hormones Vitamins Aura
Digestion Minerals TCM Meridians
Infection Energetic Disturbance Glands Chakras
Spinal Energy Electrical Sensitivities Sacred Geometry
Organs Essential Oils  
Amino Acids    
Todays’ Stress Brain Anatomy  
Body Systems Neurotransmitters  
Chemical Sensitivities Emotions Solfeggio Tones
Food Sensitivities Bach Flower Essences Spiritual Field Disturbance
Herbs Brain EEG DNA -Chromosomes

In addition to these 28 main  panels, there are also over 200 libraries for further testing. These help dig deeper into the root of imbalances shown in the 28 panels, directly target a specific issue that is a concern to you, assess the most energetically compatible supplements, remedies, and even lifestyle strategies. The possibilities are endless!

ADD and ADHD Cancer Prevention Love Healing Codes
Addiction  Candida Kidney Health
Adrenals Cholesterol Menopause
Affirmations Compulsive Eating Metabolism
Anxiety Dental Microbiome
Assemblage Point Depression Nerves
Autism Digestion Vessel Health
Autoimmune Food Intolerances Vitamins and Remedies
Blood Pressure Heart Health Weight Release
Blood Sugar Handling Heavy Metals  
Breast Health Insomnia  
Here is a sample of the panels within the libraries

With the Genius Insight Quantum Biofeedback we can also create energetic remedies of many kinds.

The “Rife” frequencies are also programmed into the Genius Insight Software and can be used with your colonics and other detoxification protocols to enhance your results!

Everything exists in energetic potential.

Before anything manifests in the physical, it originates in energy.

 Quantum Biofeedback is an empowering tool, as regardless of what you are experiencing, you can balance and harmonize your energy field.

We now know from energetic research that our words change our DNA, and as such we can also see biofeedback as a focused word or frequency that begins to change the DNA. The biofeedback is pointing out the exact frequency needed to clear or harmonize these disruptions. At its deepest level biofeedback is creating more harmony, reducing the stress that’s in your energy field and thus in your body.

Biofeedback is a discovery process where you gain more information about yourself, and “peels back the layers of the onion”. 

The feedback of frequencies to your energy field is like “reminding” your energetic body of what it feels like to be in balance.

Frequent and consistent imprinting of these frequencies into your field will yield the most positive impact

Implementing the information gained into your lifestyle and food choices will enhance the harmonization process. 

Albert Einstein
“Future  medicine  will  be the medicine  of  frequencies” Albert Einstein

Everything in nature is energy and has its own energy frequency, as do all our organs and cells.

  • Quantum Bio-feedback and through Quantum devices, NASA technology, which have a powerful generator of three-waveforms and interacting with the subconscious of the subject, gives us through electrodermal reactions, within 4 minutes, all the information stored in cellular memory of the physical but also of the energy body.
  • In this way we can detect all the stressors, which create disease in the body and make us old, to balance them and unload them.
  • It has a huge range of applications and through the more than 2500 programs it has, we can train cells to vibrate at health frequencies, relieve stress and restore balance.
  • Quantum Bio-feedback is applied in all specialties of classical medicine and many doctors around the world already use it.
  • One of its applications is the field of Aesthetics and Anti-Aging, where we can help the body detoxify, activate its anti-aging mechanisms, re-produce the hormones of youth (growth hormone, DHEA, etc.), stem cells and to eliminate the processes that lead to aging.
  • Some of them are: Poor digestion, malabsorption of nutrients, loss of gastrointestinal mucosa, hereditary factors, poor metabolism, hormonal imbalance, emotional and mental tension, reduction in size, etc.In this way we can detect all the stressors, which create disease in the body and make us old, to balance them and unload them.

At the 42nd Health and Beauty Conference of CIDESCO HELLAS (of the CIDESCO World Organization), Doctors and Aesthetics and Beauty professionals, which took place in Athens at the Amalia Hotel on November 22-23-24, Mrs. Petridi presented the possibilities of Quantum B. -reflection in the part of Aesthetics and Anti-Aging.

Full pack of Mandelay QUEST9 package.

What does Mandelay QUEST9 DO?

Mandelay QUEST9 scans the electromagnetic frequencies of the body in a similar fashion as a computer scans for viruses. the scan reveals viruses, shortcomings, fatigue, allergies, anomalies and sensitivity to food. in less than 4 minutes, more than 11000 health parameters are scanned. the device resonates through multiple Tissue, organs, nourishing factors, toxins and allergens for a hundred of a second and each one reproduces the degree to which the body responds to it. this procedure is know as Xrroid. these measurements line out the needs, malfunctions and sensitivities. comparing them to the harmful x rays, which focus on natural alignment, or to a blood test, which focuses on chemical analysis, these information reveal the direction in which the body focuses its energy.

What happens after the initial scan?

After measuring vitamin levels, amino acids, nourishing factors, minerals, enzymes, blood sugar, toxins, hormones, muscle tone, diseases, bacteria, mucus, viruses and the balance between internal organs, there is a comparison between those readings and the program’s “canon”.

How does this help?

Μandelay QUEST9 communicates with the physique to determine which energy imbalances have the most affect to health. reactions to food, chemicals or other substances are revealed and further expanded upon through interview and other programs and subprograms within QUEST9. Research can detect patterns or certain experiences of the past. for instance if someone has eating disorders, a previously-contracted virus or malady could be found to be the source of an undermining situation.

So, is Μandelay QUEST9 used just to find erroneous areas?

there are many programs running on Μandelay QUEST9. After measuring frequencies of the physique, Μantelay QUEST9 can be user to feed the correct frequencies for mending, neutralizing or restoring destructive waves. in certain cases the device can add frequencies, while in other it can reverse it to empower or balance resonating vibrations of the physique.

Can Μantelay QUEST9 help prevent disease?

In the field of the energy medicine, any disease or poor health syndrome can be redefined as a disorder that arises in the area of energy informatics. aside from dealing with health issues, the device can be also be user in the area or preventive medicine by detecting problems in the energy field before they Occur. These imbalances on an energy level can be a preemptive system. if they are not corrected, in the end they will manifest in physical symptoms which will grow to real health issues and disease.

Can Μandelay QUEST9 be used on animals?

YES!! Even though animals can not communicate via the obvious means, it can be apparent that when the suffer physically or psychologically. house pet owners have seen huge improvement in the behavior and increased vitality or their pets.

Is Μandelay QUEST9 fit for usage on children?

Yes. in most cases children will not be able to fully utter their needs. children with behavioral issues in most cases improve because of underlying reasons which are discovered, such as food intolerance or brain waves.

How does it work: Quantum physics applied in biology through technology

Μandelay QUEST9 has been designed using the principles of quantum physics. it requires a translocation of the notion of a materialistic projection of the world leaving berth for the invisible connection between the body and the finer elements of energy. An elementary explanation of what is quantum is the discovery or the indiscernible connection between energy and matter and how to measure those patterns. all matter has its own frequency. everything from feelings, thoughts, viruses, bacteria, neurotransmitters, sound and color have coordinated frequencies. everything has a distinctive electromagnetic waveform. many substances and chemicals have been matched and recorded, discovering and measuring its own distinctive electrical charge.

Μandelay QUEST9 uses the principles of biofeedback to detect unusual and irregular frequencies in your physique. the system uses a computer (laptop/Desktop) in order to measure the responsiveness of a person to over 11000 frequencies that are related to the human body and are included in the internal toolbox of the device. by comparing energy signatures via the electromagnetic wavelength with those of the codex of information for a person it provides the basis to discern diseases. ionic exchanges or reactions that take place in the physique or the mind in one hundredth of a second are measured as energetic components. in a feedback loop the device calculates a frequency pulse and sends back an alternate pulse which produces a response from the body. the subconscious mind, which has greater knowledge of the factors which cause disease from the conscious mind, responds with slight energy shifts to the normal, healthy frequency which is received, causing the body to change it’s own pulse and create a change in its energy. for example, from pain to no-Pain, from Coercion to relief from stress, from lack of balance to restoring balance.

It Coordinates – to the energy parameters of the client. this is known as a “handshake” between the computer and the client. this provides Μandelay QUEST9 a baseline from which the trial will begin.

It Transmits – fine-tuned electric currents or impulses to the client.

It Measures – the electromagnetic reaction of the body between 6 different responses – composite resistance, amplitude, voltage, capacitance, induction and frequency – resulting in 16 different electric parameters.

(current rife devices and devices of other measurements calculate only resistance)

It Compares – the frequencies of the physique with 11000 other known frequencies.

Μandelay QUEST9 is considered the largest software database of these frequencies in the world.

Each element tested a resistance grade is given. a high score in this grade shows the meaning of consequences for each client

It References – the frequencies of the physique to the professional, which can be explained to the customer in quantifiable terms, graphs and texts. once the main concerns have been pointed out the specialist can from there on begin a thorough investigation of the client’s current health status and focus on treatment.

It Feeds – its own frequencies through directed homeopathetic therapies, bio-Feedback, Electro-Accupuncture, Medians and naturalopathy balancing to restore or neutralise destructive waveforms.

During treatment, the Μandelay QUEST9 measures the body’s resonance and resistance pattern, determining the benefits that occurred over time from the last measurement (less than a second earlier). If there is no improvement, the input tuning is changed. Each setting is maintained for as long as changes occur.

The health of the body depends on the information fields at the energy or quantum field level.

During treatment, the Μandelay QUEST9 measures the body’s resonance and resistance pattern, determining the benefits that occurred over time from the last measurement (less than a second earlier). If there is no improvement, the input tuning is changed. Each setting is maintained for as long as changes occur.

These information fields are an active, creative force, closely involved in the form and manifestation of an individual’s state of health.

These information fields are an active, creative force, closely involved in the form and manifestation of an individual’s state of health.

How? Because the energy body enriches the physical body. It is a type of model (energy plan) for the physical body. When we look at the health of the body in terms of the energy body, we are able to evaluate the right information fields that produce good health. And we can also detect disturbed areas of information that cause illness or health imbalances.

An illness or ill health syndrome can be redefined as a disorder or distortion that occurs in the energy plan.

Simply put, a health problem is a problem in planning one’s information sector. Disorders can be caused by stress related to toxins, the environment, trauma, genetics, deficiency, mental factors and lifestyle.

Simply put, a health problem is a problem in planning one’s information sector. Disorders can be caused by stress related to toxins, the environment, trauma, genetics, deficiency, mental factors and lifestyle.

Stress causes irregular vibrations and leads to disharmony. Head injuries, even those that have not caused loss of consciousness, are particularly important in disrupting energy patterns and can have effects years later. Why stay this holiday? Why does the body not “self-heal”? Once these disorders occur, they can be perpetuated through cellular memory.

Any interruption in the energy body results in a reduced flow of energy to and through the corresponding part of the physical body.

Therefore, there is less healing energy available to the area itself that needs it most!

If the disorder is severe, it manifests as a disease or impaired function on the physical-emotional-spiritual levels.

Treatment can be achieved by correcting these disorders, which can then eliminate the disharmony and chaotic configuration of the health problem and restore physical health.

Correcting the body’s energy plan allows the body to heal, of course.

Mandelay QUEST9 is able to deal with the vast mathematical calculations of quantum physics, which requires an exemplary change in thinking. It requires us to go further “upwards” in the source of errors in the areas of our information programming to find errors and diseases. By dealing with the disturbances of the field, we are able to unfold a new energy of greater resonance to alleviate the disharmony of body and mind and to contribute to new healing energies.

 Mandelay QUEST9 identifies and measures stress levels – toxicity – up to the cellular level – all 200 trillion!

The main evaluation categories include


Heavy metals











Carotid Organs

Dental Disease


Animal Disease



Mineral Elements

Fatty acids



BACH flower remedies

Homeopathetic – Chemicals

Homeopathic – Pathogens

Homeopathy – Classic

Homeopathic – Complex

Blood – Chemistry

Urine chemistry













Natural Energies

Spiritual Energies

Aromatotherapy Oils



Auto-Frequency / Training Program

It performs a basic measurement of stress-related imbalances in the polarity of organ systems and allows for the retraining of these forms of stress.

Auto Trivector Training Program

It re-positions stress patterns into three major wave forms found in healthy tissues: capacitance, induction, and conductivity.

Super-learning Training Program

It trains the brain to function for optimal learning.

Autonomic Nervous Training Program

It allows the retraining of stress forms in the sympathetic, parasympathetic and pneumogastric nerve.

Spinal Muscular Re-education

Regenerates the muscles and nerves associated with supporting the spine.

Muscular Re-education for Athletes

It allows stress rejuvenation and performance programs specifically to enhance performance.

Nutrition and Homeopathy Feedback Training Program

Sends homeopathic and nutritional signatures to reduce stress.

Stress and Cortisol Re-balancing Training Program

Helps clients rebuild healthy adrenal patterns in response to stress reactions.

NLP-Neuro Linguistic Program Stress Reduction Programs

Recreates neurotransmitter reactions and redefines clients’ reactions to emotional and mental health factors.

Spiritual Resonance Training Program

It enhances the inherent healing abilities, encourages the client to be able to tolerate higher vibrations and frequencies.

Auto-Color Therapy Training Program

Selects from 256 possible color frequency patterns by choosing the ones that will most harmonize the customer’s pressure.

Auto Scalar Training Program

Provides training protocols and illustrations to balance the stressors that interfere with the subtle energy centers known as the chakras.



Quantum Biofeedback works remotely in accordance with quantum physics. Everything in the Universe is made up from the same Energy. Thus Everything is made up out of the same particles and those particles vibrate. The pattern of those Particles and the way they Vibrate is what differentiates you from a chair.

Between each particle there is a space called Subspace. In reality there is more subspace than particles.

What Μantelay QUEST9 does is that it sends vibrations out into that subspace so that it Will detect your own personal pattern Of Vibrations.

As soon as Μantelay QUEST9 has tracked you it sends frequencies to you.

The therapist in return can advise what needs to be balanced in your own personal electric field based on the way those frequencies bounced back to you and to the Μantelay QUEST9 Device.

People who are extremely sensitive to this energy tend to feel immediately the effectiveness of a remote session

Our clientele is global.

Remote Quantum Biofeedback is very convenient for those who live afar.

Stress management training via quantum fields.

 Quantum biofeedback is the active process of sending over 10000 stress signatures. thus it gathers information about the way the body reacted over each one by measuring how it corresponded electrically via its current, its amplitude, its resistance and other readings.

This is done through the quantum field.

This is very potent and uses the same principle that a physician intuitively reads someone’s body.

The device gives to the physique and the unconscious a voice which allows a picture to be drawn about the person being read.

Quantum Physics

Subspace Remote Therapy, the remote sessions happen because we are all connected as one. When Planck, Bohr, Schrodinger and many more other renounced scientists proved the indisputable existence of quantum theory they shocked the science community.

When Heisenberg proved his uncertainty principle the science community was shocked again.

A simple example of this is, is when you think about an old friend you haven’t spoken with for a while and you receive a call from him out of the blue.

This is the quantum field in action. This has happened to most people one way or the other.

 Medical and biology experts have also discovered the ability of the mind to affect experiments. double – blind research are common among medical experiments and were also used in quantum experiments.

In reality the experimenter’s influence – during newton’s experiments- seemed to be limited in the interpretation of the produced data and not to the experiment itself. If we combine all ideas together we can see Quantum Systems – as the Human body – can come in contact with a subconscious of the consciousness.

 Consciousness influences quantum systems and undefined systems can also be affected. there is a subspace of consciousness that affects a structure in the basic elements of our natural universe.

 Albert Einstein and Bohr were both right. There is an obvious, undefined quality of this universe that reacts and coexists with this consciousness.

 Samuel Hahnemann, the German founder of homeopathy suggested that “All disease were caused by results from other dimensions”. This could be regarded as an expression of our basic theory.

How does it work ?

It’s scientific, it’s quantum. trying to understand it would be like trying to understand how a computer works before even getting to use one.

Deepak Chopra wrote: “in order to promote the response to therapy you must pass through all the irregular levels of body cells, tissues, organs and other systems – and reach a conjunction between mind and matter, the place where consciousness really starts to have an effect.”

Remote therapy work in accordance with quantum physics. everything is connected, everything is a part of a larger aggregation.

Distance is not a factor. long-distance remote sessions is wireless technology and they work in the same manner that a cellular phone works.

It is accepted that the remote which opens the garage door or the remote for your TV work wireless. your mobile phone works between even greater distances. all you need is a sender and a receiver.

In this case the sender is the quantum biofeedback device and the receiver is the customer.

It is medically accepted that prayer heals. how does prayer reach the right recipient? Simply through Intent. how does the quantum biofeedback device make long distance sessions? through intent and through the coordinated frequency number that the device tracks for a certain human being.

It is similar with a global mobile phone number. in order to track that numbers you need a name, a birth date and the place of birth of a person.

What makes the device so potent is the connection that occurs between it and the subconscious of the client, given that it is the subconscious that has knowledge of what is happening in the body at the certain moment.

What is more, the subconscious has access to the body’s trauma history.

All matter (whether it is Tissue, Organ, Mineral, Conjunction or any other substance) vibrates in its own unique frequency which occurs through the electric charge of the particles in the atomic level. this can be proven with Phasmatoscopy.

The quantifiable Electromagnetic Fields of the human body, including the conscious and subconscious, have been measured and proved that they extent beyond the human body.

This can be displayed in the quantum biofeedback device for the heart as well as the subconscious.

There is no known boundary in the distance that can be traveled between those measurable energy energies.

Aura cleaning of your house and of the workplace

Realization of this frequency offers to both young and adults aura cleaning. aura cleaning focuses on the removal of energy footprints which are named holders of the Chakras and throughout all levels of the energy anatomy.