Clasp Portal with e-AID + Basic Training module

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The Clasp Portal e-AID + Basic Trainig modules activated version:

  • e-AID
  • Clasp Basic training

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As a result of stress, we start looking for activities that cause us to believe that our stress levels are decreasing, so we slowly become addicted to these activities, while trying to solve and reduce the stress that towers over us. Persistent stress requires constant compliance and takes away the real opportunity for sources of pleasure. These “activities” help the false belief that there can only be a little good. What do you feel during the activity: “My mental pains are easing momentarily. Stress is decreasing. I’ll be more vivid. I feel less lonely. My anxiety is decreasing. I will be at peace with myself.” But we all know that looks can be deceiving and the above are not entirely true. The e-AID program can have an impact on breaking out of the bondage of our habits by reducing stress. Less stress requires less routine activity to seemingly solve our stress problem. These activities can be: smoking, playing, shopping, alcohol, drugs, cell phones and the list is endless.

Clasp Basic Training:

A quick and easy way to use the device as if you were just using One Click therapy in Clasp64, with the possibility for re-verification. What does this mean? The software automatically measures the skin resistance before and after the training so it can be seen whether the training was successful or not and whether it still requires work to be done. There is also a possibility to measure ECG, EEG and EMG before and after, based on the User’s decision.

The device can be used only in the area of biofeedback; complaints are accepted in biofeedback issues only.

IMPORTANT NOTE: EEG, ECG and EMG measurements are used only as reference measurements, by which we conclude the effectiveness of the harmonization

The modules are only works with SCIO USB and QUEST9

4 reviews for Clasp Portal with e-AID + Basic Training module

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