Clasp Portal with The Affirmation Portal module

The Clasp Portal with The Affirmation Station module:

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TAP (The Affirmation Portal):

Reinforcements, especially positive reinforcements that we say to ourselves can undoubtedly be used as tools for self-improvement. These affirmations can control your mind perfectly, as the more affirmations you say, the more you focus on what is really important. Affirmations range from repetition of simple positive sentences to chanting. Prayer can also be a positive confirmation.

Why use reinforcements? (Theological argument)

There is an old saying, “Help yourself, God will help you too!”. As a result, if you get into a negative downturn, your brain also moves in that direction. You begin to waste energy to negative thoughts, which is constantly amplified by circumstances.

Why use reinforcements? (Psychological argument)

If we consciously use affirmations, we will utter them over and over again, and then hope that our subconscious will absorb this information. The conscious mind has the power of cognition, while the subconscious affects performance. And the subconscious mind works in accordance with the commands of the conscious mind.

How to do it? Develop reinforcements filled with excitement and happiness. For example, if you want to lose weight, don’t just say I’m losing 10 pounds. Say instead, “I’m 10 pounds lighter, more energized, and this dress is simply look wonderful on me!.” Do you see the difference?

Think about it when someone else is doing it instead of you 24/7 and it still has a positive effect on you.

The device can be used only in the area of biofeedback; complaints are accepted in biofeedback issues only.

IMPORTANT NOTE: EEG, ECG and EMG measurements are used only as reference measurements, by which we conclude the effectiveness of the harmonization

The modules are only works with SCIO USB and QUEST9


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