Horse halter (SCIO)

Why use a horse harness and blanket?

These accessories developed by the manufacturer are particularly effective as they are not causing additional stress for the animal while wearing it. As both the blanket and halter are regular items for them. The horse harness and blanket are also compatible with SCIO, EDUCTOR and QUEST9.


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Details of Horse halter (SCIO)

Horse harness (halter) and blanket


With the help of the special harness, our pets and our livestock can benefit from our training. The horse harness and blanket are specially designed for train horses and related animals. How do you imagine this? The Halter fits perfectly on the head of the animal so the ideal harmonization can be reached. The harness is plugged into the head harness connector of the device so that the full spectrum of signals, coming out of the device, can be utilized. The blanket is a standard accessory for animals, so the harness inside can be plugged into the limb harness connector of the device. So this way the device can be fully utilized with the halter.