Small Petpad (SCIO)


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Details of Small Petpad (SCIO)

What the Pet Pad does?


PetPad is a harness designed for small animals. It does not disturb the animal, and can comfortably lay on it. There are currently two sizes, with the added benefit of washable material. The PetPad is developed by the manufacturer – like the blanket for horses – it is not to be plugged into the accessory plug, but to the limb harness connector so that more information is available. PetPad is also compatible both with SCIO, EDUCTOR and QUEST9.

Plug for the pet bench

Length: 240 cm

The type of the plug’s head is dependant on the type of the device.

Small pet bench

size: 60cm x 45 cm

The material of the product is galvanic rubber with high carrying capacity. The package includes a washable cover and a carrying case.